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Why D3

D30® are the world leaders in impact protection

D3O® are the world leaders in impact protection.

Through a combination of smart materials, patented technologies and innovative product design, D3O® delivers protective solutions for global brands.

Born out of the 2006 Winter Olympics, D3O’s award winning products can be found in a variety of applications across a range of markets.

A Private Equity backed company, D3O® headquarters and global innovation centre is in South London, UK with operating bases in the US and the Far East.

How Does D3O® Impact Protection Work?

D3O® core patented technology is based on non-Newtonian principles.

In standard conditions, the molecules in a non-Newtonian fluid flow freely allowing the material to remain soft and flexible. On impact, they lock together for milliseconds dissipating the impact energy and reducing the force transmitted, but then instantly return to their flexible state.

The raw material is strain rate sensitive which means the stronger the impact, the more the molecules react, and the better the protection.

D3O® manufactures this raw substance into practical functioning foam and non-foam materials.

How Does D3O®  Impact Protection Work?
D3O®  Case Armour Testing

D3O® Case Armour Testing

EFM D3O® Case Armour for iPhone 7/7 Plus offers up to 107% greater impact protection compared to the leading market competitors.

D3O® materials feature a unique patented technology that offers enhanced shock absorption and impact protection.

Delivering premium performance properties, D3O® materials consistently outperform traditional materials.

The aim of Case Armour testing is to highlight the improved level of shock absorption offered through the integration of D3O® impact protection material.

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