Living Without Any Ambiguity

Posted by JT on 16th Dec 2016

Have you ever wondered whether your mobile device can absorb large amounts of shock?

Or ever imagined your phone being 100% protected from heavy impact?

With the radical innovation of D3O, phone cases can now guarantee users that its device will be 100% protected from any impact and can absorb significant amounts shocks. D3O is a patented technology used to make a soft and flexible material with high shock absorbing properties, known as smart material (D3O 2016). With its distinctive molecular structure, it allows the material to be soft and flexible but during impact, they lock together to absorb the energy and reduce the force transmitted (D3O 2016). Not only that, the material returns to its flexible state after absorbing the shock. D3O is predominantly used in sports, motorcycling, defense and construction industry. But now has expanded into electronics to maximize device protection without adding any additional weight to the device. This material, has been tested to the highest standards and ensures that all phone cases containing D3O meet the MIL-STD 810G-516.6 drop test (D3O 2016).


Supplied by Gravity Protection Ltd.

So, if you ever fear your phone breaking after instantly dropping it or accidently dropping it at work. Purchase the EFM Aspen Case Armour or EFM Monaco Wallet Case Armour as it contains D30 material. By doing so, it protects your phone from large amounts of shock after dropping it as the energy is absorbed by the D3O material (D3O 2016). The EFM Aspen and Monaco wallet cases are available for all iPhone models and the Samsung galaxy s7.

The EFM Monaco Wallet Case Armour is a flip cover case that has three internal card slots with a magnetic lock. It is very stylish, sleek and highly durable that it will resist tears and abrasions whilst maintaining its form and protection in any conditions. The Aspen Case Armour is commonly perceived to be very minimalistic in its design. However, this case is very flexible and is highly reliable in protecting your device. The front raised lip and D3O internal cushioning which surrounds the phone provides additional protection to your device. It is very sleek, slimline device protection that resists any tearing and scratching from occurring.


Overall, customers are advised to purchase EFM Monaco Wallet or Aspen Case Armour if what you are looking for is a case that provides authentic protection from shock and impact. It is very suitable for iPhone and Samsung galaxy s7 users working in extremely rigid conditions to buy either EFM models to adequately protect your phone from significant damages.